Silver Mother of Pearl Pendant

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Mother of Peral


Silver Mother of Pearl Pendant

Our Silver Mother of Pearl Pendant 24 x 19 is a stunning and elegant piece of jewellery that exudes a delicate and iridescent beauty.

The pendant typically features a mesmerising mother of pearl cabochon measuring 24mm x 19mm, set in a graceful sterling silver frame.

Mother of pearl, also known as nacre, is a naturally occurring substance found inside the shells of mollusks, and its shimmering, pearlescent appearance has captivated people for centuries.

The pendant’s captivating charm lies in the mesmerising interplay of light and color within the mother of pearl cabochon.

As light dances across its surface, subtle hues of white, pink, blue, and green emerge, creating a captivating spectacle that changes with every angle.

The sterling silver frame provides a refined and timeless backdrop, complementing the mother of pearl’s delicate beauty.

A Silver Mother of Pearl Pendant 24 x 19 is not only a visually captivating piece of jewelry but also holds symbolic significance.

Mother of pearl is often associated with femininity, purity, and wisdom.

It is believed to promote peace, harmony, and emotional well-being. Additionally, mother of pearl is said to enhance intuition and creativity.

Whether worn for its captivating beauty or its symbolic significance, a Silver Mother of Pearl Pendant 24 x 19 is a timeless and elegant accessory that adds a touch of sophistication and charm to any attire.

Its mesmerizing iridescence and symbolic associations make it a cherished piece of jewellery that can be passed down through generations.

Design by Hebridean Jewellery.

Supplied with a wooden presentation box.


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