Iona Gold Celtic Cross

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Iona Gold Celtic Crosss

Gold celtic cross named after the Isle of Iona designed by John Hart Senior,9ct Yellow gold handcrafted celtic cross from Hebridean Jewellery.

The Iona Gold Celtic Cross is a traditional Celtic cross pendant that is crafted from high-quality 9ct gold.

The cross features a intricate and detailed design, with simple interlacing patterns that symbolise eternity and the endless mystery of life.

The cross is also adorned with a Celtic knot, which is a symbol of unity and strength.

The Iona Gold Celtic Cross is a popular choice for people who are looking for a piece of jewellery that is both beautiful and meaningful.

It is a perfect way to show your Scottish heritage or simply your appreciation for Celtic culture.

The pendant is also a popular choice for religious wear, as it is a symbol of the Christian faith

Here are some of the benefits of wearing an Iona Gold Celtic Cross pendant:

  • It is a beautiful and stylish piece of jewellery that can be worn with any outfit.
  • It is a meaningful symbol of Celtic culture and heritage.
  • It is a popular choice for religious wear.
  • It is a great way to show your Celtic pride.

Hallmarked at the Edinburgh Assay Office supplied with a wooden presentation box.

27mm L x 18mm W 3g Gold
Weights are approximate.


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