Gighay Silver Celtic Cufflinks

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Unleash the power of timeless elegance with our Gighay Silver Celtic Cufflinks, meticulously handcrafted in the mystical Outer Hebrides.

These cufflinks are the ultimate accessory for the modern gentleman who appreciates the intricate beauty of Celtic design.

Crafted with passion and precision, our cufflinks feature an enchanting Celtic knot work pattern that symbolizes everlasting unity and infinite love.

Each delicate curve and intricate twist tells a story of ancient tradition, making these cufflinks a true work of art that transcends time.

Made from the highest quality silver, our Gighay Celtic Cufflinks are as durable as they are exquisite.

The gleaming silver surface is polished to perfection, catching the light with every movement, and adding a touch of sophistication to any outfit.

To make your purchase even more special, each pair of cufflinks is presented in a luxurious wooden gift box.

This elegant packaging not only protects your precious accessories but also adds an extra touch of class, making it the perfect gift for yourself or someone dear to your heart.

Whether you’re attending a wedding, a business meeting, or a formal event, our Gighay Celtic Cufflinks are the epitome of refined style.

These cufflinks effortlessly elevate any outfit, adding a dash of charm and capturing attention with their unique Celtic allure.

Inspired by the rugged beauty of the Outer Hebrides, our Gighay Silver Celtic Cufflinks embody the spirit of adventure and the timeless connection to nature.

Every time you wear them, you’ll feel a sense of empowerment, as if you’re carrying a piece of the natural world with you.

Purchase your Gighay Silver Celtic Cufflinks today and embrace the allure of Celtic heritage, one stunning detail at a time. Elevate your style and let your cufflinks tell a story as captivating as your own.

Order now and experience the enchantment of Gighay Silver Celtic Cufflinks.

Designed by John Hart circa 1950-1960.

Hallmarked at the Edinburgh Assay Office

Length and Width in mm 17 x 12
Approximate weight in silver 6.4g
Gold is generally 10% heavier

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Silver, Gold

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  1. Eunice (verified owner)

    bought these last year and my husband likes thme so much I am looking for a second pair. nice and simple, Scottish looking but not too Scottish!

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