Breton Celtic Spinning Ring

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Breton Celtic Spinning Ring

Discover the magic of the ancient Celts and explore the mystic charm of the Outer Hebrides with our splendid Breton Celtic spinning ring.

This unique piece is more than just a ring, it’s a story wrapped around your finger.

Each ring is handcrafted from gleaming silver, and at its heart, spins an intricately designed 9ct gold Celtic knot spinner, symbolising an eternal bond of loyalty, faith, friendship and love.

Our artisan craftsmen, nestled in the serene landscapes of the Outer Hebrides, infuse centuries-old heritage and an unwavering passion into each ring, making it a timeless piece of art.

Perfect for those who appreciate the beauty of history or seek a meaningful piece of jewellery. This ring is not just to wear, but to cherish, to spin, to contemplate and to love.
Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Celtic folklore and add a touch of timeless elegance to your collection.

Order your Breton Celtic spinning ring today and let the spin of the Celtic knot guide your heart’s journey.

Celtic wedding spinning ring 6mm knot work that reminds us of our connections and family through out the world.

Designed by John M Hart.

Supplied with presentation box.

Hallmarked at the Edinburgh Assay Office.

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  1. C MacRury (verified owner)

    we had these made for our Wedding in South Uist on 31st March 2012. They are lovely. We so inspired a friend that she also got an engagement ring made by the jewellers.
    Highly recommended for that special gift.

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