9ct Gold Circle Pendant Medium

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9ct Gold Circle Pendant Medium

The 9ct Gold Circle Pendant Medium is a captivating piece of jewellery that exudes elegance, simplicity, and timeless beauty.

Crafted from 9 carat gold, this minimalist pendant features a smooth, polished disc that captures the essence of sophistication and understated design.

The pendant’s circular shape symbolises eternity, wholeness, and the never-ending cycle of life.

Distinguishing Characteristics of the 9ct Gold Circle Pendant Medium:

  • Elegant Simplicity: The pendant’s minimalist design, featuring a polished gold celtic circle, exudes elegance and versatility, suitable for a wide range of styles and occasions.

  • 9 Carat Gold Craftsmanship: The pendant is crafted from 9 carat gold, known for its durability, warm luster, and timeless appeal.

  • Circular Symbolism: The circular shape of the pendant carries deep symbolic meaning, representing eternity, wholeness, and the never-ending cycle of life.

  • Versatility and Layering: The pendant’s simple and elegant design makes it a versatile accessory, suitable for both everyday wear and special occasions. It can be worn alone or layered with other pendants or necklaces for a personalized look.

Handcrafted Gold celtic circle pendant medium 20mm diameter with celtic design..

9ct gold pendant without chain,  please purchase a chain separately if required.

Hallmarked at the Edinburgh Assay office.

Supplied in a wooden presentation box.


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