The Mound Silver Luckenbooth Ring

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Silver Luckenbooth Ring

The Mound Silver Luckenbooth Ring

Discover the magic of Scotland with our Mound Silver Luckenbooth Ring!

This enchanting piece is not just a ring, but a token of love and protection.

Handcrafted in the heart of Scotland, our artisans have used age-old techniques to craft this stunning ring, inspired by the tradition of Luckenbooth, a symbol of love and devotion.

Its intricate design showcases Scottish craftsmanship at its finest, making it a perfect keepsake for yourself or a loved one.

Made from sterling silver, the Mound Silver Luckenbooth ring glimmers with an ethereal beauty, making it a standout piece in any jewelry collection. Its timeless design offers an exquisite blend of tradition and modernity, fit for any occasion.

Don’t miss out on owning this unique piece of Scotland’s heritage. Grab your Mound Silver Luckenbooth ring today, and let it bring you good fortune and endless style!

Silver Luckenbooth Ring is a style of ring which came from France and became popular in Scotland from about the middle of the sixteenth century, through the Auld Alliance and is associated with Mary Queen of Scots.

One theory is that they take their name from the stalls or booths, where they were on sale, near St. Giles,in Edinburgh,the luken from locking or else look in.

They were usually given as a token of love,much as an engagement ring is today and often used as a talisman to ward off evil.

Hallmarked at the Edinburgh Assay Office.

Supplied in a wooden presentation box.


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