Ornais Gold Celtic Mermaid Charm

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Ornais Gold Celtic Mermaid Charm

The Ornais Gold Celtic Mermaid Charm is a stunning piece of Scottish jewellery that captures the essence of Celtic mythology and the allure of the sea.

This exquisite charm features a delicately detailed mermaid design, crafted from shimmering 9ct gold.

The mermaid’s flowing tail intertwines with intricate Celtic knotwork, creating a captivating blend of elegance and symbolism

The Ornais Gold Celtic Mermaid Charm is named after the Isle of Ornais, a small, uninhabited island off the coast of Scotland.

Mermaids have long been associated with the sea and its mysteries, and they are often seen as symbols of beauty, enchantment, and transformation.

Celtic knotwork, on the other hand, is a timeless and intricate art form that represents strength, continuity, and the interconnectedness of all things

Supplied with a presentation box.

Hallmarked 9ct gold.

Hebridean Jewellery recommend the minibel chain for this charm.

Length and Width in mm 21 x 15
Approximate weight in gold 2.9g


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