Braes Silver Thistle Ring

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Introducing the Braes Silver Thistle Ring.

This enchanting piece isn’t merely a ring but a story handcrafted in the breathtaking landscapes of the Outer Hebrides.

This stunning thistle ring, an original design by the renowned John Hart Sen., mirrors the wild beauty and untamed spirit of Scotland.

Each intricate detail weaves a tale of tradition, craftsmanship, and elegance.

Made from only the finest silver, it’s an invitation to carry a piece of Scottish heritage with you.

It’s more than an accessory, it’s a statement, a conversation starter, a testament to your unique style.

The Braes Silver Thistle Ring is not just a piece of jewelry, but a precious heirloom waiting to be passed down through generations.

It’s the perfect gift for those who appreciate the fusion of art and nature, and for those who understand that in simplicity, there is an indescribable beauty.

So why wait? Add this timeless piece to your collection and let the enchantment of the Scottish thistle grace your hands.

Secure your exclusive piece of Scottish legend now!

Supplied with presentation box.

Hallmarked at the Edinburgh Assay Office.

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  1. Peter Murray (verified owner)

    I just want to let you know that the ring arrived last week. Everything is all right.
    Regards, Peter

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